Monday, February 22, 2016

What Was the Deal with the Super 50 Statues in San Francisco

In the run-up to Super Bowl 50, gigantic, 1,600-pound "50" signs have been placed around many of San Francisco's most charming locales: the Palace of Fine Arts, Alamo Square and City Hall, among other planned locations. The statues made news this week because, well, San Franciscans keep defacing them. On Wednesday night, the City Hall statue's letters were rearranged to read "SUP BRO." Alamo Square's "50," which was modified to "SUPERB OWL" this week, has previously been tagged with the words "F*** ED LEE," after the mayor. It's funny, of course. But many in San Francisco are deeply unhappy with the introduction of these statues. But why, you might ask, would the good people of San Francisco be unhappy? The Super Bowl is a moment for the city to shine -- shouldn't its residents be thrilled? Why wouldn't they be excited to have Super Bowl 50 signs around the city? Allow me to explain. More

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